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OLLIE Applications for April - June 2009 must be completed by February 2!


Are you interested in bringing OLLIE to your school, after-school program, or community-based organization? 

To better accommodate the volume of requests received, the OLLIE team developed an application process. OLLIE takes applications for three terms: September-December, January-March, and April-June. Each term we serve approximately 7 different groups (classrooms) of young people.


We began accepting applications for the April - June 2009 term on January 5, 2009.  Applications for April - June 2009 OLLIE partnerships are due on February 2, 2009. A team of staff from OLLIE, Portland Community Media, and MetroEast Community Media will evaluate these applications and make a decision by March 2, 2009 .


Classroom: The OLLIE project requires 10-15 hours of workshop time, in blocks of at least 90 minutes. Typical classrooms meet once a week for 6-8 consecutive weeks.  Students are expected to work on planning for their projects outside of OLLIE workshop time.  We are seeking to partner with classrooms of 15-25 young people.
Staff:  The Classroom Teacher is responsible for classroom management and content guidance for OLLIE workshops.
Content:  An OLLIE workshop requires a community or classroom subject (theme) chosen before the start of the project.  A successful theme will be about something that the students have an interest in or opinion about as well as background knowledge.  The theme must be announced to the students before they begin the workshop.  It is helpful to seek student input when choosing a workshop theme.
These commitments are outlined in the OLLIE Partnership Letter of Agreement, which is reviewed and signed by the OLLIE Facilitator and Classroom Teacher before the start of a workshop.


Before you apply, watch some OLLIE videos to learn more about what kind of projects your students could create!
OLLIE Videos by After School Programs and Community Organizations
OLLIE Videos by Classrooms


Please contact us if you have any questions.  If you have not partnered with OLLIE before, drop us a line to set up an informational meeting.


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